About Andrea Mühlbauer

Andrea Mühlbauer

I am Andrea Mühlbauer. I live in the rural southeast of Bavaria in Germany, and I am a pattern and surface designer.

I’ve been creative my whole life, I think.

As a child, I did a lot of experiments with clay, fabric, paint and much more. And as a teenager I loved to sew very colorful clothes. No matter what it was, it had to be something nobody else had. I would have been happy if I could have designed the fabrics myself, but in the late eighties print-on-demand was not an option.

Later I was educated in embroidery, dressmaking and graphic design, before I eventually returned to my original passion for pattern design. To be a professional designer, I took classes at Make it in Design with Rachael Taylor and Leverage your Art with Stacie Bloomfield from Gingiber.

Most of my patterns and motifs, I draw on paper with black ink, before I digitize them and add color and detail. Also some of my patterns are hand drawn repeats, which is a little more complex than doing it on the computer, but it is a lot of fun and sometimes surprising things turn out!

I get my inspiration from nature – flowers, animals and textures. My colors are often sun-drenched and faded, like being photographed on a bright and sunny summer day – relaxing and soothing. But I also love color explosion, if it matches the motifs.

If you want to work with me, just send me a message to: andrea@andreamuehlbauer.com

Some of my Design are published in the following books: