Print on Demand für Handstickvorlagen nutzen

Print on Demand for Embroidery Templates

Have you already discovered hand embroidery?

In the eighties I worked for a few years in an embroidery workshop where very traditional hand-embroidered flags and paraments were made. And I loved this profession! I would probably still be doing it today if life hadn’t intervened. And I am very happy that embroidery is slowly reviving and is increasingly implemented in a modern way.

For embroidery you can not only use ready-made templates, but of course you can also design your own. Either directly on the fabric to be embroidered, or as I have tried it here, the templates to be printed

If you are interested in creating your own embroidery designs, I can recommend the option through Spoonflower, to design your own designs for the 20cm x 20cm swatch and have them printed on demand.
The size is perfect to be embroidered and presented in a 15cm hoop.
(a hoop is a round embroidery frame that can double as a picture frame).

Stickbild Katz und Maus
Embroidery Template Cat Time in a 15cm embroidery hoop. (The print is available in my Spoonflower Shop)

Free design of the template

The beauty of this type of embroidery templates is that everyone just embroider as much as he wants, because the image is – at least in most of my designs – already done. And you can use the stitches that you like.

Stickbild Sun Moon Stars
Embroidery Template Sun-Moon-Stars in my Spoonflower Shop

Of course, you can also have quite classic embroidery templates printed with solid or different colored lines, which should be filled in to make a beautiful picture. And equipped with instructions and matching thread, you can even sell the template as an embroidery pack in your own online store.

I became aware of the possibility of printing my own embroidery designs when Spoonflower announced a challenge for embroidery designs and I immediately had a matching design for my cat pattern collection – Cat Time.
These small decorative picture templates are the perfect complement to the Home Decor fabric collections.

How do you create an embroidery design for printing?

  1. Create a drawing area of 20cm (8″) with at least 150 dpi in RGB color mode in your favorite drawing program.
  2. In the center of this area, on a separate layer, insert a circle in the size of your hoop, which will be the frame of your image.
    You may want to use a separate layer because you can hide the guide line when you save your embroidery design for printing.
    For the 20cm (8″)swatch, a hoop up to 15cm (6″)is suitable.
  3. Then draw your motif in your drawing layer or combine already finished motifs to form an image.
  4. Save your design as a jpg and upload it to your Spoonflower account.
  5. In the box to the right of the preview, you can also check whether the print size is correct. Your motif should be displayed with 8 “x 8”. In my experience, the default view is set to Fat Quarter. Select Testwatch 8″ and the fabric of your choice. I’ve tried it on the petal signature cotton so far. Be sure to save your settings afterwards. (Button “Save this Layout”)
  6. Then you can order your new embroidery template.

And have fun with embroidery!

Stickbild fertig Katz und Maus
“Cat Time” embroidered and ready to hang

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