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7 tips what you can use your self-designed notebooks for

Can’t you also walk past a notebook without thinking about whether you might need it?

So for me it’s definitely the case and since I can also design my own notebooks … :-).

Anyway, one of my large desk drawers is overflowing with small and large notebooks that want to be filled with content.

But what can you use your self-designed notebooks or notepads for?

Notebook “Swallows” in my Society6 Shop

Tip 1: Notebook as bullet journal

I’m sure you know those great bullet journals for all the todos in life, from scheduling appointments, to leisure activities, to a bullet journal for books you want to read or movies you want to see, with free pages to rate, to write reviews, or just to give your friends tips on what might be good or not so good.

Maybe you are even in the middle of the Bullet Journal fever and design the pages with all kinds of creative techniques. Then you’ll definitely need lots of notebooks for many days, months and years.

Notizbuch “Regenbogen”

Tip 2: Notebook for vacation planning

Okay, at the time I am writing this blog post, there is not much in it with vacation. But there will surely be better times again and then it might be helpful if you would make notes in advance where you would like to travel, what the special features of these places are, what you definitely want to visit and especially what you should pack so that you are really prepared for all circumstances.

You could also note down interesting vacation reading or even travel guides that you want to read in advance. Or even the route, the budget and so much more. You can also stick photos from magazines that report on your vacation destination. A specially created notebook is worth it in any case, and if you then design it holiday-style, you’ll immediately know which notebook to reach for when you have a new idea.

Notebook “Little clouds”

Tip 3: A notebook for the budget

I know, it’s dull. But sometimes it really helps to get an overview of income and expenses.

You may also want to make notes of which expenses made sense in the long run and which were nonsense.

You could also make your notebook colorful like a journal, then the dull topic is much more fun.

And you will certainly know when you have enough money left to buy again new notebooks :-).

Notebook “Dots and Dots”

Tip 4: A notebook for favorite recipes

This idea immediately makes much more fun, right? At least for those who like to bake and cook.

You can write down your recipes in beautiful handwriting in a specially designed notebook.

Admittedly, for me beautiful writing is … well, I call my writing creative :-), if it’s the same for you, you don’t have to worry about it, the main thing is that you can read what you have written down and for everyone else it’s a secret recipe. :-).

Notebook “Retro hydrangeas”

Tip 5: A notebook for gardening

Even if you don’t have a garden, you could grow vegetables or herbs on the balcony. Or on the windowsill. Or in the flower box.

You could jot down in your self-designed notebook which plants you planted and when, how they thrived, and also all sorts of tips and tricks. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Notebook “Thread Balls”

Tip 6: A notebook for your sewing projects

And of course for all other DIY projects too.

Have you already created a project journal and if so, for which projects?

Notebook “Hearts and balloons”

And last but not least tip 7 – as a gift for loved ones:

Sometimes it’s really helpful to have a quick and usable gift ready, and it’s even nicer when it has its own touch, a touch of self-made.

With a self-designed notebook that takes up the hobby or profession of the recipient or is stylish or heartfelt, you almost can’t do much wrong.

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