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Dragon Love

Dragons – who doesn’t love them?

I fell in love with these mystic giants at a very early age, probably because I literally grew up with a dragon.

In the town where my parents come from, deep in the Bavarian Forest, close to the Czech border, there is an old folk play, the Drachenstich.
The old play is considered to be the oldest folk play in Germany. Set against the historical backdrop of the Hussite Wars from 1419 to 1434, it is based on a legend that says that a violent war will bring back to life the great evil dragon that was once banished underground. And as a large army gathers to march into battle, the dragon stands at the gates of the town and demands its victims.

The age-old battle of good versus evil begins. And of course, not only does good win in the end, but also the true love. What a wonderful story ;-).

As a child, I always felt sorry for the loudly roaring and fire-breathing dragon – which was an impressive 18 metres long and almost 4 metres high – when the knight hit it in the mouth with his lance and the giant mythical creature slowly died. And I am sure that I will also feel sorry for the new robot-controlled dragon, which is even bigger, more agile and more terrifying than the old dragon, when I watch the play again one day.

And who knows, maybe the story will inspire me to write another fantasy novel.
But for now, it has inspired me to create my Dragon Love pattern collection. And this pattern collection will certainly not be the last collection inspired by fantasy themes.

Which fantasy creatures are your favourites?

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