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Cute Space Exploration Kollektion

As a child, I not only enjoyed reading fantasy but also science fiction and watching films or series such as “Buck Rogers” and “Flash Gordon”. The funny thing is that I only remember the scene from Flash Gordon in which a spaceship lands on an alien planet and the whole thing somehow wobbles on approach and hits the ground quite hard. I don’t know if this scene really existed, I’ll probably have to dig through the old series again. But back then I was fascinated by the idea that there could be other planets out there in the infinite universe where life is possible.

I don’t need to mention that I later became a fan of Star Wars and Starship Enterprise, which I still enjoy watching from time to time, even though I now prefer real documentaries about what happens in space and even once had the honour of talking to a real astronaut and looking at his photos of Earth taken from the spaceship. It makes me long to go into space myself. (But that’s not really on my bucket list ;-))

I suspect that many of today’s children are no different. There’s nothing like wonderful dreams of endless spaces and new worlds to discover and the many adventures they can experience along the way.

That’s why I created the Space Explorer designs. They are perfect for wallpaper, bed linen, cushions, pyjamas, but also for sweatshirts and trousers. In fact, for everything a child’s room needs. Also for mugs, plates and cutlery to make the green stuff that is absolutely necessary for the big missions appealing to the little explorers.

What fascinated you in your childhood and made you dream?

Some of the designs are available on fabric at Lillestoff and Spoonflower (at Spoonflower also on wallpaper).

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