city summer dust collection

Summer heat in the City

Inspiration is everywhere

Like many of my colleagues, I find my inspiration for designs and patterns in all kinds of situations and places. For example, one of my favourite collections – the City Summer Dust Collection – came about when I was sitting on the rooftop of an italian restaurant with my teenager on a beautiful but hazy summer afternoon, chatting about this and that until the food arrived. While chatting I drew various shapes with an inkbrush pen in one of my notebooks, which I usually have with me, and tried to capture the atmosphere in the city.

The result was a design that certainly has a number of possible interpretations ;-). For me, the lines symbolise the shimmering in the air that day, rising from the hot tar and stones. The round elements represent the dust particles that where around everywhere and in between are the old houses of our town square.
The colours, which in my opinion symbolise a day like this, are rather faded and dusty, but still warm and pleasant.

I knew immediately where I would find the colour palette I had in mind for the collection. It’s from an old analogue photo of New York that I had taken from the Empire State Building back in 1997 and then scanned. I love these old photos, especially because of the colours.
There are still a few that will one day serve as a colour template for a collection.

Now the City Summer Dust Collection was born.

It is perfect for children’s rooms where things can be wild and imaginative.

City Summer Dust Collection Overview

If you are interested in licensing the designs, the entire collection with different colour variations can also be requested as a pdf by e-mail:

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