Jeans upcycling shopping bag

Jeans upcycling shopping bag

I’m a big fan of upcycling old things. In my opinion, old jeans in particular deserve a second life because at least the trouser legs are usually still intact enough to sew all sorts of useful things from them. And of course old jeans can be combined very well with the test prints of my patterns from my Spoonflowershop. But you can use any type of cotton fabric or remnants.

Jeans Bag – made from old jeans on the outside and with colorful patterns on the inside.

You will need the following materials to make a bag::

  • 1 leg of an old Jeans
  • 9 fabric squares 15cm x 15cm (cotton prefered)
  • Webbing 2x50cm or if the handles are to be longer 2x70cm
  • a little tag – you can make it as well from a fabric scrap
  • sewing thread

First, cut off the hem of the trouser leg.

Then separate or cut open the side seam, which is only single-stitched, and press out or cut away the seam allowance.

To determine the correct bag size, fold the trouser leg in half lengthwise. This gives you the height of the bag.

As the trouser leg is probably not the same width at the top and bottom, trim the side edges and the top edge.

In the example here, the jeans leg was cut significantly wider at the top. To prevent the top edge of the bag from warping, I folded the extra width under the double stitching like a small pleat and sewed the tag in between.

For the lining, sew the pieces of fabric together in three rows and match the length and width with the jeans piece.

Then close the side seams on the outer and inner bag. I like to double stitch these seams so that nothing can tear.

Pin the straps to the top edge of the jeans pocket about 8 cm – 10 cm from the side seam, pull the inner lining over the jeans bag with right sides together and close the top edge to a turning opening of approx. 15 cm.
I also like to topstitch twice at the points where the straps are sewn to the bag so that the straps cannot pull out.

Turn the bag through the turning opening and topstitch the edge. Turn the seam allowances of the turning opening inwards and close the opening.

And now you have a cool upcycling-style bag ready for use.

What do you like to upcycle?

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