Sewing Tips for cut and sew pennant chains

Pennant chains are a very popular decoration for children’s birthday parties and other celebrations. But it can be quite time-consuming to find the right fabrics, lay out the pattern, mark it and cut it out.

You can shorten the whole process with ready-to-use pennant panels and, if you want, you can also combine existing fabric leftovers.

My pennant chain panels at Lillestoff make 15 pennants measuring approx. 12cm wide and 19cm high. All parts can be combined as you wish and, as mentioned above, can also be combined with other fabrics to make the chain even longer. The given 15 pennants result in a length of 3.20m with a pennant distance of 10cm.
In addition, I would add 1m bias tape each on the left and right for hanging and tying.


Materials required for 15 pennants:

  • 1 panel
  • 5.20m bias tape made of cotton or satin, either bought ready-made or sewn from scraps.
    (5.60m for the quick and dirty version)
  • Machine sewing thread

There are various ways to sew the pennants.

  1. Nice edges
  • Cut out the pieces along the white seam allowance and put two pennants right sides together.
  • Sew the slanted sides along the dotted lines, leaving the top edge open.
  • Trim the bottom tip.
  • Turn the pennant inside out and shape the tip from the inside using a wooden stick or knitting needle.
  • Topstitch the edges if you like.

2. Quick and Dirty

  • Either cut out the pennants including the white seam allowance or cut it away, depending on whether you like the white border and the dotted line or not. If the seam allowance is left, the pennants will be wider and longer. This width has to be added to the length of the bias tape. For 15 pennants, this would be approx. 37.5 cm, so a total length of about 5.60m would be necessary.
  • Sew the pieces together with matching or nicely contrasting sewing thread, wrong sides together, using a zigzag stitch or overlock.

Finishing the pennant chain

From the first meter of the bias tape, sew the pennants to the bias tape at 10 cm intervals (or however else you like). Depending on the width of the bias tape, it may be necessary to cut back the white seam allowance at the top edge.

There are also two options for sewing the pennants to the bias tape:

  • Either sew the pennants to the first fold of the bias tape first, then fold the bias tape over the seam allowance and topstitch the edge.
  • Or put the pennants between the folded bias tape, pin in place (clips are best for this) and topstitch everything together in one go (quicker than the first version ;- ))

Have fun sewing and decorating – and of course celebrating – and if you post your pennant chain on Instagram, I’d love it if you tagged me @andreamuehlbauer and I’d be happy to share your post in my story.

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