Sustainable Shopping Bag from fabric squares

Do you also have so many fabric scraps in your scrap box?

Then sew a reversible shopping bag. It’s sustainable and fun! And shopping bags are always great as gifts. Either solo or already filled with all sorts of goodies.

black and white reversible shopping bag

Leftover fabric scraps that you can cut into equal sized squares or even test prints of your own patterns are great for sewing individual shopping bags. If you want the bag to be washable, however, you should make sure that the fabrics are made of the same material and have already been pre-washed.

The reversible bag in the header is made from Spoonflower cotton fabric test prints of one of my rather colorful Hobbies collection (link to the collection at Spoonflower), the black and white patterns can be found here (link to the collection at Spoonflower) .

– 36 fabric squares 15×15 cm
– 1 m (40 in) belt strap for two handles
– 8 cm (3 in) ribbon for 2 tags
Template for the cut out under the handles
– Sewing thread

Material for the black and white reversible shopping bag
sewing the fabric squares together

Sew 9 small fabric squares together to make a larger square for each side of the bag. 2 large squares for the outside and 2 for the inside of the bag.

sewing the reversible bag together

Place the matching bag sides right sides together, sew a tag on one edge between the fabric and close the side seams and the bottom seam.

tag in the side seam
handle cut out

Center the cutting template for the handle cut-out on the top edge and cut out the curve.


Pin the handles – length 50 cm (20 in) each – next to the cut-out on the top of the bag.

sewing together inner and outer bag

Pull the inner side of the bag right side to right side over the outer side of the bag. Keep the handles between the two bags. Leave an opening to turn the bag right side out along a straight seam.

close the opening

Turn the bag inside out and topstitch the top edge just to close the turning opening.

reversible black and white patterned bag

Outer side with white background, inner side with black background, or vice versa, just as you like it.

Have fun shopping!

And what’s the very first thing you store with your new bag?

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